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Switches Plus Components, a family owned entity, has been in business for over 40 years, providing great service and high quality products to customers engaged in the electrical and electronics industry.

Our staff are technically trained, and have years of hands on experience. We understand and can relate to your specific challenges and requirements, and our ingrained knowledge will benefit you and immediately put you at ease. Our product portfolio is extensive, we hold a wide range of inventory, so more often than not we have the right product here, when you need it. 

Make the switch today, and find out why so many customers have “turned on” to Switches Plus.

Multi Function Timer $99.00
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The Classic Control cable just got better.......

Flexible control cables have traditionally been constructed with black conductors and grey sheathing materials, leading to problems reading the core number and little or no UV resistance. After decades of importing these cables, we decided it’s time for a change.........learn more